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Whether it's finding the right product or supporting an already existing one, Clean Logix's customer service team will be there for you to ensure you have the support you deserve.

Built to last even in the harshest environments. Clean Logix uses only the toughest and most reliable materials to ensure longevity and performance.

Clean Logix is dedicated to providing the highest quality systems using state of the art technology. Our experienced engineers emphasize both function and excellence with each product they develop.

BLX GEN2 Details

The 2nd Generation of Boot Scrubbers are officially here!

Complete with a re-engineered grate for improved debris management, premium nozzle system to reduce water usage, and more! Click the image above for a complete breakdown of what's new with the GEN2 800 and 1000 series boot scrubbers by Clean Logix.

The Clean Intel online reporting cloud by Clean Logix coordinates with a variety of Clean Logix equipment to provide advanced reporting features for increased accountability of chemical consumption, inventory levels, and many other parameters. Clean Intel acts as a centralized location for all reporting and data stored on Clean Logix devices, which sync automatically for a consistent transmission of data, all of which can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection.

Reports can be customized for specific date ranges with the option to email that can be configured for multiple addresses and personnel for a consistent transmission of real-time data and historical trends. Automated alerts can be customized for reports or alarms to keep you up to date on all your systems and products. Simply subscribe to a site to receive automated email notifications for when a new report is available or when an alarm has been triggered.